ИТ решения / Cone.GOS


Cone.Gate Operating System is a flexible software specially designed to ensure the availability and control of the flow of vehicles through checkpoints both inside and outside the terminal (waiting areas, weighing areas, restricted areas and etc).


Presentation Video


Cone.GOS - Integrated checkpoints

  • Self-Service kiosks
  • Interactive multilingual simple interface
  • Remote support
  • Build-in Voice intercom
  • Printing routing slips
  • Sensor screen
  • RFID/NFC reader
  • Different identification possibilities


Cone GOS is a complex solution consisting of the following modules

  • Cone GOS Web Application
  • Main console: Graphical User Friendly Visualization
  • The Cone driver’s library for different equipment
  • Cone LPR module– vehicle license plate no recognition
  • Cone OCR portal– high resolution container / trailer photo, recognition of container number, trailer ILU code, ISO codes, gross weight, net weight,
  • Time-slots–terminal work balancer
  • Clients, drivers, vehicles black lists support
  • API module for exchange with external systems and other Cone Systems (Terminal Operating System, Port Community System, Terminal Community System e t.c)
  • Integration with container weighing equipment and weighing procedure



OCR functionality

  • High-resolution images for OCR and damage control
  • Truck and trailer number recognition
  • Container number and ISO type recognition
  • IMO labels recognition
  • Truck and trailer width and length measurement
  • Other features by demand




Client’s portal

  • Web application
  • Client’s personal account
  • Truck Appointment module
  • The database of approved drivers and vehicles
  • Order of special services
  • Notifications to E-mail / SMS



Comprehensive Control

  • Manage and steer complete gate processes
  • Wide functionality: from OCR to self-service kiosks
  • Very flexible, highly configurable solution
  • It is not limited to any equipment
  • Standard integration