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Cone.TOS is vital software for modern Ro-Ro, container and multi-purpose terminals. Cone.TOS controls and automates all cargo flows and technological processes in accordance with client requests and documents.


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Cone.TOS is a web-based Multi-Purpose software

Container and trailer position control

  • Graphical yard representation
  • Container/trailer automatic allocation rules and strategies 
  • Flexible configuration of technological processes
  • Temperature control
  • Vessel planning


Flexibility of Cone.TOS is including but not limited to:

  • In Cone.TOS you can configure different project (cargo flows), not only import, export and depot, but any kind of custom. Each project could be configured for own cargo operations and technological process, but projects also could have common operations. For instance, there is a place in the system where you could say that for project named «Depot» you need only loading instruction and no booking to allow loading to a vessel. And in the same place you also could say that for project «Export» for line «Some Ro-Ro line» you don’t need booking but no loading instruction, because they don’t provide any loading instruction at all.
  • Cone.TOS splits each client request into sequence of jobs in accordance with predefined technological process. All jobs has different automation types, some of them should be processed automatically (without any human input), but most of them distributed between available staff according configurable job assignment rules. 
  • Each automation type has own user interface optimized for solving own problem. Most of them have many settings to adjust interface behavior for each technological process. For instance, in technological process of unloading empty containers from truck by reach stacker you could setup the interface to show a photo of truck from the left side because in your situation reach stacker driver cannot identify truck by number but all of trucks located left side to the yard of the depot.
  • Technological processes have many setting how jobs to be grouped and prioritized to simplify job choice of staff. It is also has settings for limitations of parallel processing of jobs and many others.
  • You can draw one or some maps of your yard in OSM format and upload it to the TOS. You can connect real stacks to the map objects to make convenient yard overviews.
  • In Cone.TOS each stack could have own size, restricted cells and allocation rules and strategies. All allocation rules and strategies are also configurable from the interface using weighing algorithm with long list of available parameters for involving into calculations.


User Friendly Graphical yard visualization


Yard planning by allocation rules and traffic control


Vessel Planning


Graphical vessel plan view