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About us

Cone Center LTD is a team of professionals with experience in implementing own IT solutions in the transport and logistics area and integrating them with other data systems.

The company's employees have over 20 years of expertise in the international market and the company offers IT solutions for a wide range of participants in the multimodal cargo transportation chain, such as shipping lines and their agents, forwarders and cargo carriers. There have been IT systems developed and implemented for the container, RO-RO, liquid, bulk and multi-terminals, depot and automotive logistics hubs.


Our business concept is:

  • To create synergy on projects together with each client;
  • To pay remarkable attention to details of the client’s business;
  • To find the balance between "possible" and "necessary“;
  • To find the optimal innovative IT solution;
  • To meet the interests of our clients in the best way at improving organizational and operational efficiency.


We offer our multimodal transport logistics data applications for anyone related to cargo transportation:

  • Integration of business solutions into accounting and financial systems of companies through the common platform (c)ONE;
  • Development of internet portals for close B2B communication with clients and partners;
  • Integration with other external systems by means of EDI technologies (EDIFACT, XML);
  • Projecting, development and implementation of “turnkey” systems;
  • Localization of systems: multilingual interfaces and output forms;
  • High speed of work - put power at your fingertips;
  • Simplicity in use - no special computer experience required.


In addition, upon client's needs we offer the following range of services:

  • Hosting and housing of client’s systems on our hardware resources;
  • Outsourcing of IT-services;
  • Projecting, construction and serving of local and distributed networks; set-up and full support of VPN(s);
  • Execution of IT-audit;
  • Web-design.


The steady growth of the company builds the basis for a long-term cooperation with our clients and business partners. 245 companies from 75 towns from 24 countries use our program solutions and the number of our customers exceeds 350.

The main peculiarity of Cone Center LTD is joining the knowledge of two worlds in the same company: cargo transportation specialists became IT experts and personnel with IT education got skilled in “shipping terms”.

The membership of Cone Center LTD in the Oracle Partner Network allows the company to work directly with Oracle, keeping our staff trained in the latest Oracle technologies, access to a complete set of Oracle eMarketing services and support.