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Network design

Network design - work to ensure the interoperability of employees within the company, its offices and branches located in the immediate vicinity and at a considerable distance from each other, remote employees, partners, customers, etc. Network design allows better use of financial, time and human resources;


• Our company performs data networks design of any type and complexity, taking into account the features of the client and his needs for reliable communication channels for the transmission of information of different nature and purpose;


• Wireless network design solves a number of important tasks, such as the quality of coverage, range and data rate, security of the network, the amount of equipment, etc .;


• Design of the cable network will ensure that the information structure is easy to use and well-organized system with maximum productivity;


• Existing developments and knowledge of modern telecommunication technologies enable us to offer our customers the right solutions in the projects of different levels of complexity;


• Our specialists have extensive experience with the equipment of such world manufacturers as: Juniper Networks, D-Link, Fortinet, Cisco, Hewlett Packard, Ruckus, Aruba, Ubiquiti Networks....