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The system covers all the needs of conventional and bonded warehouse, have complete control and calculation of the cost of operations of loading/discharging, packaging and storage of goods. The system provides on-line cargo handling, pallet and storage through barcoding. (C)One Warehouse can be configured to any type of cargo shapes and sizes of the warehouses. Software package provides for automatic exchange of information with customers via XML, TXT or XLS. As additional option to (C)One Warehouse we can propose warehouse Wi-Fi network solution.

The main difference from other WMS systems is online cargo handling. Warehouse workers, who operates at the territory will be provided with a "scanner" - a hand-held mobile devices with WiFi (computer network) access on the whole work territory. Scanners are used to operate the system instead of manual input. Fixation of the operations, indication of the place of storage (reading bar code location), packaging etc.

Worker`s produced actions (arrival / departure of the goods) are monitored in the on-line mode in the system.

As far as storage can be covered /uncovered, our team will make project of external/internal Wi-Fi Network, taking into consideration weather conditions and network capacity. Thus, our Customer will receive solution on turnkey basis.


(C)One Warehouse system allows to:

  • Operate at warehouse: monitor and calculate the cost of operations of loading, unloading and storage of goods;
  • Set requests for order-in / -out as well as on the packaging of goods;
  • Keep customs accounting of cargos: customs warehouse, terminal, a free zone;
  • Make an online handling of cargo, pallets and storage locations by reading the barcode;
  • Draw up a warehouse and shipping documentation;
  • Generate, print and send invoices directly from the system to the customers;
  • Export sales and cost invoices in the external systems of accounting;
  • Generate and print a variety of reports on сargos, operations, expenses and revenues.


Using the system (C)One Warehouse significantly speed-up the processing of goods, which can reduce costs, increase the turnover of the goods in the warehouse and raise quality and efficiency of interconnection with warehouse`s clients.


Information about (C)One Warehouse (pdf, 1.3Mb)