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(C)One NSW System (EMDE)

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Estonian national single window for for vessel clearance.

Providing information exchange and human messaging system for government departments:

  • Water Way Department
  • Border Guard Board
  • Customs
  • European Maritime Safety Agency
  • Health Board
  • Environmental Board
  • Environmental Agency
  • Agricultural board
  • Veterinary and Food Board
  • Statistics Estonia
  • Port Authorities (all Estonian ports)
  • Sea Pilots (private company)
  • Sea terminal operators (private companies)
  • All ship agents (private companies)


  • Registration of vessel calls (any type: cargo/container, passenger, etc.)
  • Creation automatically by Schedule or manual
  • Vessel technical parameters (required by Water way department)
  • Safety notifications (72h and 24h), ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security notification) required by
  • Arrival/Departure:
    o    Terminal stage negotiations/acceptance
    o    ETA/ETD by ship agent, port acceptance
    o    ATA/ATD by ship agent, port acceptance
  • Border Guard Board and Health Department acceptances
  • Documents issuing/generation:
    o    General declaration
    o    Health declaration
    o    Passenger/crew list
    o    Ship store declaration
    o    Crew effect declaration
    o    Water way due (invoice)
    o    Hazmat notification
    o    Waste disposal notification
    o    Actual Arrival Notification
    o    ISPS Notification
    o    Pre departure notification
    o    Actual departure notification
  • Digital signing of generated documents (BDOC standard, common for EU): ID-card (person identity document, based on smart card technology, common for EU), mobile-ID (by smartphone – Estonian technology), eToken (by USB stick– Estonian technology)
  • Cargo manifests input (for EU Customs and port authorities)
  • ICS/ECS information (Import/Export control system, USA/EU customs mandatory procedures)
  • Pilotage requests
  • Icebreaker requests
  • Waste amounts registration
  • Waterway due calculation
  • Creating HNS ( - hazardous noxious substances) reports
  • Registering incidents on water ways
  • Providing map (via AIS) to view/manage vessel calls, linking AIS information with all documents
  • Electronic data exchange (system-to-system) with:
    o    SafeSeaNet ( - European Maritime Safety Agency): PortPlus, Incidents,
    o    EMTA ( – Estonia customs): ICS, ECS,
    o    Eesti Loots ( - Estonian sea pilots): Pilotage requests,
    o    MKM ( - Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, SAP system): Waterway due payments,
    o    Sea Terminals,
    o    Sea Ports
  • Providing data exchange via X-road (x-Tee) as part of Estonian E-Government

    (X-road: data exchange layer of the government information system and a secure environment, which interact with each other via public key databases and registers

  • Providing statistic reports based on
    -         Vessel calls
    -         Arrival/Departure
    -         Cargo manifests
    -         Waste
  • Secure authorization to the system based on positions and roles
    -         With login/password
    -         Via ID-card
    -         Via mobile-ID
  • Providing read/write rights based on positions and roles