IT Services / Servers Administration

Servers Administration

Infotechnology influence on business is growing every day, demanding even from the small companies obligatory features: access to the Internet, mail server, file storage server, print server, backup server.

All this requires not only expensive infrastructure of company network (itself it is nontrivial task that already needs skilled and qualified expert), but also considerable expenses for the software. So, what to do if the copmany is not ready to pay 7.000 EURO?

We offer our services for all sorts of small and medium-size companies, no matter if you have your in-house technical team or you just an individual with own business.

Our company provides remote system and network administration of the servers, running the following operating systems: FreeBSD, Linux, MS Windows, which includes a basic server administration and application server administration. We can offer servers administration 8/5 and 24/7.